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CommerceHub Adds Support for Yahoo Product Ads on Yahoo Gemini

Last year, Yahoo introduced a new marketplace for search and native advertising called Yahoo Gemini. After several months of beta testing with early adopters, Yahoo today announced the general availability of Yahoo Product Ads which offers a new way for advertisers to reach consumers with both search and display ads to drive results and improve return on ad spend using Yahoo’s unique audience and data insights. Yahoo Product Ads includes search product ads through Yahoo Gemini and Polyvore, as well as a display ad component.

The CommerceHub team has worked closely with Yahoo throughout the development of this ad solution to deliver a best-in-class experience for managing Yahoo Product Ads through Gemini. During the beta testing phase, we saw impressive results. As an example, one of our early adopter clients achieved 6X to 10X return-on-ad-spend from July 2015 to September 2015.

With Yahoo Product Ads reaching general availability today, the CommerceHub team is happy to announce that support for Yahoo Product Ads through Yahoo Gemini is now available to customers using DemandStream, our cross-channel demand solution. Through integration with Yahoo APIs, DemandStream customers can now manage Yahoo campaign performance right alongside other ad channels (such as Google and Bing) and make informed decisions on how to best optimize these campaigns using the DemandStream Campaign Manager. In addition, customers can manage ad groups and product groups as well as manage bulk bid updates for Yahoo campaigns with DemandStream.

DemandStream Campaign Manager

DemandStream Campaign Manager

The Impact of Yahoo Product Ads on Yahoo Gemini

As a result of Microsoft’s partnership with Yahoo in 2010, all ads were served in Yahoo search via the Bing Ads ad interface.  This meant that if you were using Bing Ads, your ads would be visible on both Bing and Yahoo web properties.

In 2015, this all changed when the Bing/Yahoo partnership agreement was amended, in effect making Bing Ads less prevalent on Yahoo properties over time.  Moving forward, up to 49% of ads displayed in Yahoo’s search results on desktops could be served by Yahoo Gemini instead of Bing Ads. For mobile, 100% of Yahoo search ads are eligible to come from Yahoo Gemini.

Why is this important?  In 2015, CommerceHub customers have generated the majority of their revenue (~60%) from Bing Product Ads that were displayed on Yahoo properties as shown in the chart below. If you’re using Bing Product Ads now and haven’t started using Yahoo Gemini in parallel, you could lose revenue during this transition.

Bing Product Ads, Yahoo Product Ads, Gemini

Reference: CommerceHub performance index

Get Started with Yahoo Product Ads on Gemini Today

By allocating budget for Yahoo Product Ads through Yahoo Gemini, you can showcase your product inventory to new and relevant audiences on Yahoo properties. Using DemandStream, you can quickly take the steps necessary to get started with Yahoo Product Ads on Gemini and track your campaign success.

As we approach the holiday season, make sure to have your Yahoo Product Ad campaigns running on Gemini setup in DemandStream so that you can continue growing on Yahoo. Our performance marketing team can help get your campaigns up and running quickly with ongoing optimization of your campaigns to help you exceed your performance goals. To learn more about Yahoo Product Ads on Gemini, our DemandStream solution, and our performance marketing team, contact CommerceHub today.