Use Amazon FBA Software to Synch Inventories and Drive Sales Velocity

Editor’s Note: effective Jan. 8th, 2015, Mercent is now CommerceHub

Learn the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and the ways our FBA software lets you drive greater sales velocity.

Webinar Transcript

Hi, I’m Paul Connors. I’m a Product Manager with Mercent and I am speaking to you today about syncing your Amazon FBA inventory with your inventory to drive velocity.

We’ll cover the benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon, the Mercent/Amazon connection and the FBA challenge that is presented and Mercent’s solution to that challenge.

Amazon offers an excellent program called Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. You send your products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers, the related listings standout on key Amazon pages with logos and text that emphasize FBA. FBA orders are eligible for free super-saver shipping and prime shipping. Amazon picks, packs and ships FBA orders, and Amazon provides 24/7 customer service on FBA orders.

Beyond the advertised logistical and service benefits to the program, there are additional differentiating benefits for merchants. With free shipping you’re able to win the buy box at a higher price point than a competitor who needs to include shipping cost in the total price. And the ability to take advantage of Amazon’s scale and transportation costs means you can economically get larger or bulk items to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, like the refrigerator you see here.

And lastly, the capacity of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers give you a warehouse cloud solution. They have built out the infrastructure and you can use more or less than the seasonal needs require. See the Amazon warehouse getting a little bigger behind Santa?

So the Amazon marketplace and its FBA offering are definitely something you want to take advantage of, and when you integrate to Amazon, you should do so through Mercent to take advantage of our listing, management, repricing, and FBA software.

Mercent ensures the world’s leading retailers are visible, competitive and profitable wherever consumers shop.

We were founded by Amazon veterans, in fact we work right down the street from them. Nobody knows better than us what it takes to properly align your products with the Amazon taxonomy and browse-tree guide, with complete data for visible, effective listings. And we will make your listings competitive with tools like our Amazon repricing engine, so that you hold the position you desire relative to your competitors.

And lastly, we will make you profitable since our knowledge of Amazon, including their FBA offering, will allow you to sell the amount of product you’d like to sell at the amount you target for selling it.

And it’s worth pointing out that while we’re talking about Amazon today, your Amazon integration through Mercent also gives you access to all the best marketplaces and shopping channels.

We do all this with Amazon and other channels by starting with your product catalog.

A single integration of your catalog and the related order and adjustment feeds to Mercent gives you access to Mercent Retail. Our award-winning software-as-a-service technology platform that includes the Amazon FBA software you need to successfully manage your inventory even when it’s located in multiple fulfillment centers.

Through this platform, you’re able to choose the portion of your products you wish to send to the best marketplace channels. You’ll also get built-in error resolution tools to make sure that the products you want to get listed are in fact successfully listed.

And should you need it, you will have access to our in-house expert agency team, Mercent Performance. Our team can work with you with a desired level of service to make sure that you’re squeezing all of the return possible from the channels you choose to integrate with.

Based on the power of the Mercent Retail platform, the scale of the Mercent Performance team, and the benefits of the FBA program, your listings will lead the way for consumers shopping for your product.

So Amazon FBA is a great program and Mercent provides the integration you need to successfully leverage it. What could go wrong? Well if Amazon’s Fulfillment Center runs out of your inventory, you not only lose the benefits of FBA, you lose the visibility of your listing completely. You seem to be stuck with two unappetizing choices, tie up too much inventory to Amazon or risk having your listings go down anytime you have to get more inventory to the Fulfillment Center.

What you need is a way to take full advantage of Amazon’s FBA program for your listing and be able to switch over to your own fulfillment for any period of time when the stock at Amazon has been reduced to zero. When you have a standard integration with Mercent, this challenge is easily solved. Mercent takes the data from Amazon’s FBA inventory report and uses that data to set the FBA flag for products in Mercent Retail. If the product is in stock, set for sale and has an inventory greater than zero in Amazon’s warehouses, the product will be set to FBA enabled.

But if the product is out of stock, not set for sale, or has an inventory equal to zero, the product will be edited to FBA disabled.

This means you can take advantage of all the benefits of Amazon’s FBA program with the confidence that even if Amazon’s Fulfillment Center is exhausted by your fantastic sales, you’ll still have the opportunity to make your listing visible while you get more items to Amazon.

So what does this mean to the real world? We enabled this inventory syncing for one of our clients back on July 7 and since this sync was set up they have seen a 9% increase in unit sales and a 25% increase in adjusted net sales.

So how difficult is this to get into place for your products?

It’s not difficult at all. First, go live on Amazon’s FBA program. Mercent is pre-integrated and provides native support for FBA.

Next, integrate with Mercent. Our standard integration tracks your inventory in Amazon FBA inventory, that’s it. Mercent Retail takes over and determines the best fulfillment network in real time.

The bottom line, FBA is an excellent program that can benefit you. Mercent makes you visible, competitive and profitable on Amazon and other marketplace channels, and we makes you visible, competitive and profitable regardless of where your products might be in stock thanks to our Amazon FBA software solution.