Black Friday

‘Twas the Night before Black Friday

‘Twas the night before Black Friday, when all through the ad agency

not a PPC retail marketer had slept in weeks, likely not since Q3.

The search terms reports were all analyzed, negatives added with care,

In hopes that quality traffic, soon would be there.


The ad groups were structured tightly all snug by category, intent or brand

With modifiers for device types to target shoppers with mobiles or tablets in hand.

Using cross-device reporting, expanded text ads and snippets galore

I’d just settled into a holiday feast with family and friends I adore.


When all of a sudden from my phone came lights, vibrations and electronic screams

So I sprang to my screen where I saw product disapprovals and a client’s hopeful pleas.

An albeit brief site outage had come, creating panic and landing pages not found

No holiday cheer just fears of downtime on Black Friday did abound!


Page by page and product by product I worked through the outgoing feed

Re-submitted for approval while crossing my fingers that this would be all they’d need.

Now to hurry up and wait… there was very little time left to have this reconciled,

When what to my wondering eyes should appear – my ads live again out in the wild.


More rapid than AdWords betas the clicks and impressions came,

On retail promotions, on dynamic insertion, on product ads, more than I can name!


“Now past purchasers! New site visitors!

Now those who have visited product pages!

Setting modifiers to increase bids for those users we already know.

Won’t forget you, shopping cart abandoners!

On my remarketing lists you go!”


With visions of new site visitors dancing in my head,

Dreams of a Black Friday cohort to retarget on Cyber Monday lulled me to sleep in my bed.


May you sell out on this year’s “Roombas” and what 2016’s top sellers may be.

Happy holidays and a successful Q4 to my fellow (sleep deprived) Santa’s little helpers of PPC!