Strong Growth Seen In Product Assortments

The largest retailers and marketplaces are selling 50 million more products than they were at the beginning of the year. This growth is evident in the 14% gain in the Product Assortment Index (PAI) since January.

As usual, marketplaces saw a larger absolute gain in product listings, with 47 million new listings versus 3 million for 1st-party retail. 1st-party retail, however, has grown 27% since the beginning of the year, which eclipses the 13% growth seen in Marketplaces.


Growth was especially strong in “Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry”, Home Improvement, Decor, and Books & Magazines.

We also observed a continuation in the trend of high variability on the marketplaces. Millions of products are listed and delisted on a weekly basis. This variability just doesn’t exist on the 1st-party retail side. The jury is still out on which experience is better for consumers.