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Spotted: Two New PLA Formats on Google

Special Offers Drop Down Filter & Single Ad that Link to a New PLA Landing Page

Last week our team spotted two new ad formats on Google Shopping that we had not seen previously in search results. As we know, Google is always testing new ad formats for PLA results to determine what works best based on the users’ intent.

New PLA Format #1: With Special Offers Drop down Filter

When searching for “amazon fire” we noticed a new drop down option to filter for special offers on the knowledge graph ad format:


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Google had been previously leveraging the filtering options for size, color, wireless carrier and more, but this was the first time we saw this option. We imagine this could be linked to Merchant Promotions but on filtering to ‘With Special Offers’ we do not see an offer tag or promotion listed as one would expect when a promotion is available:


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The only information specific to the seller is price, and call outs for ‘used’, ‘free shipping’, and ‘no tax’.

However, when filtering to ‘Item Only’ the ad filters to one product listing ad available from eBay that also has call outs for ‘used’ and ‘no tax’:


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New PLA Format #2: Single Ad that Links to a New PLA Landing Page

When searching for a specific UPC code we noticed another new ad format showing a single product listing ad:


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In this ad format you are able to click on the title of the ad which lead to this landing page featuring the price online and nearby, online and nearby store options, related items, reviews, additional details & videos on the product:


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If you click on the reviews link from the main ad it leads you to this landing page:


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The mobile experience (tested in Safari on iOS) for this same search is far from ideal. In the initial search result the title of the product and the image of the product are not clickable:


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When clicking the arrow next to ‘More stores, details and reviews’ it leads you to this landing page with a summary of the star reviews:


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Clicking the ‘reviews’ link specifically from the main ad also leads you to a similar summary:


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Then, if you scroll up from the review area it finally leads to where you can click through on the ad to the seller’s website:


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We anticipate Google will continue to test and iterate new ad formats in order to provide consumers with the information they need based on the intent of their search query.

What does this mean for advertisers on Google Shopping?

The introduction of the ‘with Special Offers’ dropdown filter is likely going to be an intriguing filter for consumers. With this change, sellers may need to consider creating offers that are eligible to be featured on product listing ads, and to begin participating in or increase participation in Merchant Promotions.

We believe the new single ad format when searching for a specific UPC relates to Google’s heavier emphasis on data quality, specifically, their change to require GTIN values in May. With this change, sellers now need to send GTIN values in their feed to Google to avoid product disapprovals. Read more about these changes here.