Brand Insights Study

Shaping the Future of E-commerce for Brands and Retailers (Study)

Earlier this week, we unveiled the findings from CommerceHub’s first-ever Brand Insights Study at Shoptalk. We surveyed roughly 10,000 of our network partners in an effort to paint a clearer picture of how brands anticipate succeeding in today’s ever-changing digital shopping world.

Brand Insights Study


The biggest opportunity the majority of brands identified for growth? Selling more with current retail partners.

How will brands increase sales though these channels?

48% of our respondents identified product assortment expansion as a primary route to growth.

When we analyzed the differences between retailers who grew sales YOY in 2016 versus those who didn’t, retailers saw a 12% growth in sales for every 10% increase in unique products sold.

In other words, an increase in  a retailer’s product assortment drives an even greater increase in sales.

We have found that the average retailer offers only about 15% of a brand’s full product catalog, which means those unlisted products are money left on the table for both Retailers and Brands.

For more findings from our Brand Insights Study, DOWNLOAD THE REPORT NOW.

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