sell on walmart marketplace

140 million customers visit a Walmart store or every week.
Are you reaching your shoppers everywhere they are?

America’s largest retail chain is now inviting new sellers to join its online marketplace. Don’t miss your chance to expand your audience and grow revenue!

The Walmart Marketplace: Fast Facts

  • #1 Multichannel Retailer in North America
  • #2 Largest Online Retail Site in North America
  • 80 million unique online visitors per month
  • Dedicated Seller Center, Seller Support & Knowledge Base

The CommerceHub Advantage

CommerceHub is a trusted Walmart Partner that brings your store to millions of online shoppers with one direct connection. Get onboard Walmart’s exclusive Marketplace by connecting with CommerceHub.
With the CommerceHub integration you can:

  • Deliver your catalog content and product assortment directly to the Walmart Marketplace
  • Update your pricing, promotions, and inventory information in near real-time
  • Optimize your product listings for better discoverability and higher conversion
  • Manage order fulfillment seamlessly with centralized status updates, dynamic alerts, and compliance reports

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