The Hidden Growth Lever: B2B Ecommerce and Drop Shipping

How a proven B2C tactic can drive massive growth and ROI for B2B Distributors 


Digital commerce has been hyped as the future of B2B industries for many years. In today’s world, global businesses that have not proactively embraced digital transformation are suffering.  

  • B2B buyers have embraced digital channels to increase productivity and streamline and expedite order and fulfillment  
  • B2B distributors must employ new strategies to meet buyers’ expectations 
  • Drop shipping is proving to be a highly capital efficient way for B2B distributors to grow their digital presence and revenue at scale, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience 

In this whitepaper, BECK Ecommerce provides an in-depth overview of how B2B can leverage drop ship, execute a successful drop-ship program and achieve return on investment.