Report Methodology: Calculating Same Store Sales

For reports related to online marketplaces  e.g. Amazon, eBay etc., we use the following report methodology for calculating Same Store Sales (SSS):

  • Unless otherwise noted, we use Sales as reported in Gross Sales Value (GSV). GSV excludes discounts, shipping and tax plus order adjustments from returns, and issues with billing, shipping, and inventory availability.
  • The term “Store” is defined as a retail entity comprised of a distinct brand, product catalog assortment, and website domain selling products online via their website and/or marketplace(s).
  • To be included in the Same Store Sales (SSS) metric a store must be active on a CommerceHub channel program for a full 15 months or more prior to the start of each reporting period. Since a store may launch multiple channel programs over time, we track separate start dates for each channel program.
  • Historical GSV from SSS qualifying stores and channels that stop working with CommerceHub will remain included in our SSS data until their last month on the platform.