Key Findings from the 2021 B2B Distributor 300 Report

The B2B digital transformation is here. Retail experts project that total 2021 distributor online sales are on track to grow by about 17% to $1.12 trillion from $957 billion in 2020. It’s officially time for B2B companies to deliver a superior ecommerce experience that will accelerate online sales and secure loyal customers. 


In this report, Digital Commerce 360 looks at the evolution of B2B ecommerce and the call to action for distributors to place heavier emphasis on their digital strategy—as more than 80% of B2B buyers are now purchasing online.   

You’ll learn:  

  • Significant shifts in consumer behavior from traditional to digital purchasing  
  • How B2B firms are using online channels to directly connect with customers 
  • What distributors can anticipate for digital supply chain in 2022 and beyond