Join us for Retail Forward – A strategic initiative about the future of retail from CommerceHub 

Philip Hall

Retail is constantly changing. Adapting to and anticipating customer needs are at the forefront of strategy for retailers with an eye to the future. The pandemic saw huge shifts in buying behaviour and accelerated online demand like never before. 

As a response to this, CommerceHub is introducing an exciting new knowledge-sharing initiative in the UK to examine what the future of retail could look like.   

High street brands and online retailers alike are looking at customer experience from the first touch through to loyalty and advocacy. Issues such as: How can retailers build a more robust business model for the future, deliver better customer solutions, and mitigate the ever-present threat of Amazon are all top of mind. Along with these issues is the need to look at:  How will businesses adapt to new challenges post-pandemic? What will be possible? And, what will retail relationships look like going forward? 

Be part of the conversation about the future of retail 

Retail Forward is a new CommerceHub initiative designed to broaden the discussion and build a community of executive peers to collaborate and share insights. We understand the strategic imperatives of retailers in today’s ever-more challenging environment. To create and facilitate solutions that can help, we’re inviting our peers and respected industry executives to join the conversation. 

We will be hosting a series of intimate, invitation-only dinners in central locations in London— the first of which will be in conjunction with Drapers on April 28. 

If you’re interested in joining this exclusive community, or attending one of the dinner events, please register your interest here and we’ll be in touch. 

Philip Hall

Philip Hall

Philip serves as Managing Director and is focused on helping grow our European business. He has spent more than 30 years in retail and the CPG sectors, including at Sainsbury’s and Oracle. Philip enjoys a wide range of sporting activities, loves music, history and theatre.