Are B2C Best Practices the Future of B2B Ecommerce?

A generational shift towards ecommerce in B2B is well underway. According to a Deloitte study, 75% of the B2B buyer base will be millennials by 2025. As “digitally native” millennial and Gen Z buyers increase percentage within the B2B buying workforce, ecommerce initiatives will continue to accelerate. B2B sellers need to start adopting B2C strategies that are commonly used in consumer lives today—before it’s too late to catch up.  


In this report, BECK Ecommerce surveyed B2B distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers to look at their overall digital business performance and investigate which B2C strategies are proving successful in B2B ecommerce.  

You’ll learn: 

  • Insight from B2B experts on how B2C tactics can deliver proven results for B2B sellers 
  • Why 70% of B2B companies are adopting new approaches for a B2C-like experience  
  • How innovations in fulfillment—such as drop ship and omnichannel—can increase profits 
  • Why digital assortment expansion is an effective strategy for 90% of B2B firms