Enhancing Product Data Quality for Higher Conversions

Any retailer or brand that sells their products online has learnt the hard way that poor product data quality results in low product visibility, and eventually low conversions. In other words, clean, consistent product data is the key to strong online conversions. But as we all know, that is easier said, than done.

Customer Challenge

A publicly traded, multi-channel specialty retailer of casual accessories and apparel found that their product data lacked uniformity. The data did nothing to speak directly to their core target audience – 14 to 26 year old men and women. Consequently, product visibility across online channels was low, leading to below-par sales.


This retailer leveraged CommerceHub’s Automated Content Optimization Engine to unify product data, promote products on the right demand channels and improve product discovery on those channels to deliver higher conversions.  To learn about how they grew their active product assortment by 63% and grew sales by 127%, read on.