Advanced Supply-chain Integration and Order Fulfillment Saves the Day for QVC

With net sales over $8.5 billion in 2012, QVC is the largest on-air retailer and second largest television network in the United States.


QVC was well positioned to leverage the convergence of e-commerce and television-based selling, but was experiencing difficulty managing the sheer volume of its large universe of suppliers. The benefits of drop shipping were clear to QVC, but the processes to support it were manual, unauditable, and unscalable.


Implementing drop ship deliveries and advanced supplier integration and order fulfillment systems were a game-changer for QVC. Their over all business doubled in less than three years of working with CommerceHub. Order fulfillment efficiencies soared. Best of all, QVC enjoyed the the same levels of control over its brand, fulfillment performance and customer service in its drop ship program, that it had with products shipped out of its own warehouses.