The 3 Essential Drivers of Growth for Brands


It’s a brand-eat-brand world out there. Winning a sale requires brands to be faster, smarter, more visible and more relevant than everyone else in the market. Smart brands not only find ways to make the first sales, they satisfy the customer and keep them coming back.

Some brands make it look easy, and outcompete their peers to drive revenue consistently. So what are they doing differently?

Our Founder and CEO, Franke Poore digs deep into the unique challenges that brands face in the digital age and offers solutions to each one of them. In this video presentation you’ll learn how to:

• Build and manage Rich Product Catalogs that work equally well across all distribution channels

• Syndicate and Promote Your Products across all demand channels

• Maximize speed and minimize costs as you Deliver Products Seamlessly

Over 200 smart brands have tasted success in multi-channel retail for over 17 years with a little help from CommerceHub. It’s your turn now to discover the secrets that can unlock your brand’s revenue potential.