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Quick Thoughts: Google’s Mobile Search Algorithm Update

The much talked about update to Google’s search algorithms is finally here. Labelled ‘Mobilegeddon’ by some in the media, Google’s new update to its search algorithm specifically impacts mobile rankings, which will slowly roll out over the next few weeks.

If you have a Webmaster Tools account, you should have received a warning or notice if your site is not considered “mobile friendly” by Google’s new mobile standards. To see if your site is mobile friendly outside of Webmaster Tools account, they have created a tool where you can enter your URL and find out if your site makes the cut. 

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Google’s Mobile Search Algorithm Update: What It Means

Sites that are not “good” on mobile will see a drop in search rankings in favor of other sites that are better optimized for the mobile experience. In our paid search world, we may see a rise in impressions (for retailers with good mobile experiences) and clicks, rise in cost (because of more clicks) or even rise in CPC (depending on the vertical and the competition).

If Google has deemed your mobile experience less than “mobile friendly”, but you see decent mobile conversion rates nonetheless (greater than 2%), you might consider increasing PPC budgets to make up for a loss in SEO traffic. In the long run, though, we advise all clients to invest as much as possible in creating a shopper-friendly mobile experience. 

This update shouldn’t affect desktop rankings/traffic. You might see an increase in impressions and/or clicks from the AdWords side (text and PLA) in the absence of other search results depending on your site’s mobile experience and your vertical. If you have a Google Analytics account, it is recommended that you make a shared annotation of this update to keep in mind when analyzing future traffic patterns.  

We will be keeping an eye on this from our side, and publish our findings should we see any big changes in PPC traffic. Contact us if you have any further questions regarding this algorithm update.