protect your seller account on Amazon

Protect Your Seller Account on Amazon from Security Threats

Protecting confidential information and keeping our systems secure are the twin pillars of information security at CommerceHub.  We implement physical and logical controls designed to secure our customers’ data as well as our own, and we encourage our customers to take similar, appropriate measures within their own environments to protect their own customers’ and partners’ data as well as the continuity of their business operations.

Over the past several days, there has been significant press coverage about Amazon seller accounts being compromised and the related impact on sellers and consumers.  To help our customers understand precautions they should be considering, we’ve assembled a brief collection of resources available from Amazon that deal with security, privacy and provide information on how to report security concerns with Amazon’s platform.  We encourage all Amazon third-party sellers to review these resources and discuss them with their internal or external security professionals.

Please note that some of the most effective precautions are also very simple to implement. For example, taking advantage of email notifications and other monitoring features within the Amazon platform to identify and respond to suspicious activity more quickly is a crucial first step in limiting risk and exposure.  Inaction and failure to monitor can mean the difference between a small, contained problem and a major calamity that seriously affects a company’s business.

Note: We encourage you to direct all questions related to the details of Amazon’s recommendations to Amazon’s customer support team.

What You Need to Know

Privacy and Security

Amazon’s Seller Protection & Best Practices page outlines several security precautions you can take to help protect your account, including:

  • Password and Two-Step Verification recommendations
  • Guidelines regarding bank accounts used for disbursements
  • “Red flags” that can help you to spot spoofing, phishing and other forms of social engineering
  • Links to general Amazon Privacy and Security resources, including
    1. Setting up a strong password
    2. Recommended browsers
    3. How to identify if an email is really from Amazon and how to report suspicious communications
    4. What to do if you think you have entered your password on a malicious site

Reporting Security Issues

If you suspect there is a security issue with your Amazon account, please follow these instructions to notify Amazon so they can assign a representative to assist.

We’re Here to Help

While Amazon is ultimately the best resource for questions concerning the security of their services, we recognize that from our customers’ perspective, it’s not always clear where to turn first.  Keep the resources identified in this article handy, and keep a “cheat sheet” of security escalation email and phone numbers to contact if you have a security issue with your account at Amazon and other online marketplaces through which you sell your products.  Being organized and prepared, and proactively implementing security measures and monitoring, is the best way to prepare for a security issue. As always, we are here to assist with questions about CommerceHub’s own services.