Our Presentation with at IRCE

At 12:45 CT on Wednesday, 6/3, at IRCE booth #137, CommerceHub’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Best will be presenting with Scott Hilton, Jet’s Chief Revenue Officer, on the opportunity for sellers on, and discussing some of the specific advantages that CommerceHub will bring to sellers on the channel. logo




More on Jet and the Jet/CommerceHub Partnership is more than simply a marketplace, it is a next-generation shopping platform that connects retailers with millions of shoppers in the most efficient ways possible.

Dynamic pricing and unprecedented control will enable sellers to generate more profitable orders. With intuitive rules, sellers on Jet can adjust commission based on shipping geography, and provide additional incentive to shoppers by discounting orders where Jet members waive the right to return, compile an order size over specified thresholds, or provide their email address.

Jet is an exciting new demand generation channel. With hundreds of thousands of registered ‘Jet Insiders’ already, and with the foundation laid for more efficient, meaningful connections between sellers and shoppers, we expect Jet to grow fast. This expectation has been supported by enthusiastic customer adoption of the Jet platform and rapid revenue growth for existing sellers on it.

In order to scale your retail business on this exciting new channel, meet customer demand, and connect best with Jet’s growing audience, you need

  • timely, accurate, complete product content
  • automated category mapping
  • a seamless flow of order and order adjustment data
  • optimized titles and other product attributes
  • accurate inventory by fulfillment center

CommerceHub provides these enhancements standard as part of its robust integration with Jet, and much value proposition

Drop by our booth to discover the various possibilities of growing reach and revenue with the right audience on To know more about selling on, get in touch now.