Google Piloting Buy Button In Mobile Search Ads With “Purchases On Google”

- Marketing Land


In a limited trial, Google aims to improve merchants' mobile conversion rates by making mobile purchasing easier for consumers.

The Google buy button in search ads is officially rolling out in an experimental phase, the company announced Wednesday. The new feature is called Purchases on Google and actually isn’t a button at all.

The new feature was rumored about since last year, and Google confirmed last month that the new feature would be coming soon. Purchases on Google is being tested publicly with just a handful of high-volume retailers. “Buy On Google” messaging will appear in eligible product listing ads on Android and iOS devices.

The goal is to make it easier for users to transact on smartphones — and make mobile search more competitive with marketplaces like Amazon that already make it easy for consumers to make purchases on their smartphones. The idea is that consumers will see Google as a place for fast product discovery and purchasing on mobile, and advertisers will be willing to spend more on mobile ads that have higher conversion rates.

That sounds simple, but as anyone who’s worked with e-commerce and payments systems can attest, enabling integrations across multiple systems is anything but straightforward.

CommerceHub is among the few companies involved in the pilot, and they shared details about the process and feature with Marketing Land.

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