CommerceHub Supports Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Leading omnichannel commerce solution provider CommerceHub announced today support for Facebook dynamic product ads, a newly released Facebook offering that allows retailers and brands to deliver highly-targeted product ads across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Facebook serves more than 1.39 billion active users and announced its new offering via a blog post on Tuesday February 17th.

With this announcement CommerceHub expands the reach of its omni-channel commerce platform, becoming a tenured retail technology provider that adds support for Facebook dynamic product ads. Through CommerceHub, retailers and large brands can deliver complete, accurate and timely product data feeds populated with search-relevant content and compelling product merchandising offers directly to the Facebook API.

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Facebook dynamic product ads appear across consumer devices in addition to being present on Facebook's ubiquitous News Feed where the majority of Facebook users spend their time. CommerceHub collects, tracks, optimizes, and publishes retail catalog content and promotions -- the total merchandising "offer" -- to ensure advertiser merchants reach Facebook's estimated 1.39 billion user base including millions of in-market shoppers.

"Retailers and brands continue to capitalize on social channels as a profitable way to reach and sell to more online shoppers," commented Frank Poore, CEO of CommerceHub. "Today's announcement demonstrates our commitment to helping retailers and brands promote and sell products through the channels that matter most and perform best."

Facebook recognizes the tremendous value in connecting businesses with its active and expansive user base and with its newly announced Facebook dynamic product ads, Facebook provides retail marketers with a targeted way to advertise and sell products to the vast population of active Facebook shoppers. Facebook(R) is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

On January 8, 2015 CommerceHub completed the acquisition of retail marketing company Mercent, enabling customers to more effectively promote products via the top marketing and digital advertising channels like Facebook dynamic product ads. CommerceHub's marketing solutions leverage Mercent software and services for Product Listing Ads. Learn more about CommerceHub's marketing solutions.