integration between demandstream and IBM Commerce

New Streamlined Integration between DemandStream and IBM Commerce

In the U.S., if there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our love for shopping. From glitzy malls and big box stores to outlet malls, from grocery chains to the corner store, we’ll shop at every opportunity we get. This propensity to shop till we drop is spilling into our digital lives with e-commerce accounting for 7.6% of all retail sales in the US in 2015. By all accounts, that number is only going higher by the minute.

What this means is that unlike the days gone by, where having a solid online presence was a bonus, today online shopping channels are often the first port of call for the digitally savvy shopper. Your own e-commerce store is great, but shoppers often begin their product research on search engines like Google and marketplaces like Amazon. Here’s how critical marketplaces are to online shoppers – in 2015, Amazon alone accounted for nearly 25% of all e-commerce sales in the US.

Enabling No-Stress Multichannel E-commerce

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to be present wherever the online shopper decides to go? Search engines, social media, marketplaces, retail platforms, the works. That’s just an average Wednesday afternoon for DemandStream users.  DemandStream doesn’t just syndicate your product catalog to all major demand channels that matters to shoppers, it optimizes your product data to ensure that your products pop-up higher and more often on all these channels compared to competition.  Neat, right?

Integration Between DemandStream and IBM Commerce Platforms Even Deeper

Now the good news. As announced by IBM last week, CommerceHub has streamlined the integration between DemandStream and IBM Commerce platforms (IBM WebSphere and IBM Commerce on Cloud). As a ‘Ready for IBM Commerce’ technology partner, CommerceHub’s DemandStream platform has now been validated for IBM Commerce on Cloud and WebSphere Commerce version 7, feature pack 8.

In plain English, this means that if you run a store on these IBM Commerce platforms, you can now receive product attributes, pricing and inventory data from IBM Commerce on Cloud and IBM WebSphere Commerce seamlessly into DemandStream. You no longer have to invest in custom development to build, update and maintain product feeds to use DemandStream with your IBM Commerce store. The drudge work is now automated.

DemandStream builds consistent, compliant and reliable product catalogs for IBM’s customers that they can effortlessly syndicate to marketplaces, online advertising channels, social media sites, and comparison shopping engines.

Think of it like this. If IBM Commerce on Cloud has taken your store to the cloud, the new DemandStream integration speeds up the process of putting your store inside every mall where your online shoppers hang out. So who’s ready to shop?

To know more about how you can set up DemandStream for your IBM WebSphere Commerce  or Commerce on Cloud store, give us a shout.