Mercent Launches eCommerce Price Optimization Engine; Expands Retailer Control of Product Pricing and Merchandising on Amazon and Online Marketplaces

Editors Note: in Dec. 2014, Mercent was acquired by CommerceHub. Mercent Retail™ Price Optimization Engine is now known as CommerceHub’s DemandStream Marketplace Price Optimizer 

Marketwire – Santa Monica, CA — Montgomery Technology Conference – March 9, 2010 –Mercent™, an award-winning provider of on-demand marketing solutions for retailers, announced today the launch of the Mercent Retail™ Price Optimization Engine, a fully automated product catalog repricing tool that enables merchants to dramatically improve their online marketplace sales performance and maximize profit margins by automatically determining and publishing optimized product pricing and merchandising offers on Amazon and other third-party online shopping channels.

The Mercent Retail Price Optimization Engine was developed with direct input from Mercent’s top-tier retail clients and boasts a full spectrum of dynamic features that enable Mercent clients to maximize sales performance on and other online shopping platforms. Mercent’s new Price Optimization Engine is available to subscribers of the Mercent Retail Marketplace online channel management platform. Key tool features include:

• Pricing rules that intelligently accommodate and comply with supplier minimum advertised prices (MAP);
• Merchandise repricing based on targeted, rules-based criteria including a merchant’s profitability, inventory, efficiency, merchandising programs, and sales goals;
• Active management for 100% of inventory pricing, including real-time pricing for all or segments of a product catalog;
• Active merchandise pricing setting, including limits and adjustments;
• Competitive channel management that adjusts merchandise pricing to ‘win’ the Amazon Buy Box;
• Continuous merchandise price adjusting – 24X7x365 – with no disruption based on on-going, automated competitive offer information;
• ‘Real-time’ viewing of product offer updates and changes;
• Ability to tailor product offers based on competing sellers and programs;
• Ability to increase merchandise pricing in cases where competitive presence and pressures are low; and,
• Support for Amazon’s ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ inventory repricing.

Offered as a SaaS-based software tool automatically integrated within the Mercent Retailonline channel management platform, Mercent’s Price Optimization Engine is easy-to-use and accessible through a simple, elegant and intuitive user interface that allows retailers to begin repricing merchandise on immediately.

“Mercent’s new Price Optimization Engine builds upon years of eCommerce technology innovation and development, providing our retail clients an even greater competitive advantage through Mercent Retail in an increasingly crowded and dynamic online consumer market,” said Eric Best, CEO of Mercent.

According to Cookie’s Kids Director of eCommerce Al Falack, “Mercent is in lock-step with their customer base and truly understands what it takes to sell successfully online. This is evident in the relevance and quality of the new product features we’re seeing from Mercent. We highly anticipated these repricing features and are already seeing business value from the repricer tool.”