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Director of Ecommerce Advertising

Seattle, WA
Last Updated: August 8, 2019

About CommerceHub

CommerceHub has been a leader in the ecommerce space for years, helping retailers and brands to Keep Growing. Our team is comprised of talented individuals from a wide range of industry leading companies such as Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, GE, and more. We're a group of highly driven experts making a difference, whether they are seasoned veterans, or talented millennials establishing themselves. We are always looking for great personalities to grow with us and contribute to our success.

The Role

This senior level role will own the development, investment and rapid programmatic expansion of the ecommerce paid search advertising programs for CommerceHub marketplace customers. In this critical, senior and individually empowered role, the candidate will leverage expertise gained from managing a wide range of ecommerce marketplace and search results page advertising programs to implement a transformative best in class ecommerce advertising service to offer to our established collection of major brands. This role will determine investments in ecommerce and search ad technology, allocation of budgets, supporting technology roadmaps, measurement of ad spend and performance goals, best processes for account managers and how to partner with existing agencies. These efforts will merge to quickly and efficiently support the singular goal of increasing ecommerce revenue by leveraging ecommerce marketplace and search advertising to grow sales and conversion for brands.

Reporting to the VP of Ecommerce Growth Services this role will be positioned to immediately contribute to the continued success of CommerceHub by using our established relationships within the largest marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook, etc). The expectation is this role will prioritize critical initiatives to immediately grow ad revenue from brands, determine needed technology, establish account roadmaps for new ad based features, and coordinate goals and processes with account managers to quickly scale growth. Robust support will be provided with frequent and diverse cross team partnerships with marketing, product and engineering teams to determine existing and future customer needs using performance data, industry trends, and interviews with brand executives to assess needs. In addition to strategy the role will work individually with brands and account managers to establish and innovate best practices and goals for in-flight campaigns and programs. Tactical expertise will be required to troubleshoot and provide empathy for solutions.

To support the primary strategy of growing advertising revenue this role will own a secondary focus of performance measurement and key learning sharing of advertising analytics that capture, spotlight and leverage opportunities for the brands and the account managers. KPI monitoring, forecasting and documentation, plus sharing, will be provided by, but not limited to, an existing analyst/BI team with explicit guidance from this role to set processes and provide access to ad data. The output will be identification and sharing of critical indicators of the program goals toward growing advertising revenue, creating ad spend efficiency, reducing task time and investment assessment time.

Specific Duties

Responsible for the following:

  • Grow advertising revenue with improved advocation, technology and account support.
  • Develop a clear immediate and future strategy for CommerceHub ecommerce marketplace and search results page paid advertising program.
  • Evangelize ecommerce advertising solutions to existing and prospective clients by providing compelling ROAS data and inspiration materials to show program value.
  • Meet with executive level leadership of existing clients and marketplaces and position CommerceHub as a though leader in ecommerce advertising, and codevelop mutually beneficial roadmaps.
  • Closely monitor commerce paid advertising performance for individual brands and at the aggregate level to recommend campaign and programmatic optimization.
  • Provide substantive insight into the search and ecommerce advertising program industry and leverage insights to plan for tools, techniques and tactics to ensure CommerceHub is at the forefront of digital advertising.
  • Collaborate with marketplaces via marketing teams to develop an always on advocation program to drive awareness of CommerceHub solutions related to advertising by showing value, differentiation, ease of use and return on ad spend to marketplace sellers.
  • Establish strong executive level relationships with key ecommerce marketplaces, ad tech providers and similar support services to establish CommerceHub as a thought leader and ensure early adoption of new features into our roadmap.
  • Set ad spend, performance and channel adoption goals, forecasts, KPIs, and strategies for customer brands in partnership with account managers and directors.
  • Own and assess progress toward established advertising goals and to provide account managers with tools and resources to advocate ecommerce advertising to their accounts.   
  • Provide summaries and templates related to standardization of account performance ad revenue growth and other critical KPIs to efficiently assess performance goals.


Successful candidates for the position must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated bias for action showing the translation of ideas and knowledge, including agility and adjustments, into immediate action toward program goals.
  • The candidate will have experience leading ecommerce or search advertising programs for complex organizations focused on marketplaces and/or leading search engines.
  • 10+ years of increasing responsibility compiling and assessing ecommerce and search program data and have proven ability to summarize and share insights to non SMEs.
  • Required technical skills related to Google Ads certification, advanced Excel, familiarity with Power BI, SQL database management or similar systems and experience with AMS or similar Amazon ad dashboards.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm to explain, motivate and ideate with all levels of expertise to gain new perspectives, identify other people’s needs and wants and create general enjoyment and a willingness to share ideas.
  • Expertise and articulation of criteria for selection of ecommerce advertising spend opportunities across the large ecommerce sites (Amazon, Google, Ebay, Bing, etc).
  • Extensive senior management responsibility calculating, documenting, forecasting and presenting ad spend effectiveness (ROAS, ACOS, etc).
  • Excellent spoken and written summary communication skills, demonstrated problem-solving skills as an individual and as a team leader guiding discovery and action.
  • Ability to identify priorities with a range of brand goals and excellent client and executive account management skills.
  • Experience with a wide range of 3rd party platforms of ad tech as well as hand on experience with 1st party ecommerce self-service UIs.
  • Self-improvement oriented and demonstrated flexibility to adjust plans and priorities based on frequently changing executive needs.
  • Demonstrated managerial experience improving communication, defusing conflict, and development of quid pro quo alternative solutions.


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