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As customer expectations for wide product selection and fast delivery grow, drop shipping has become an important way for retailers and brands to quickly expand product assortment, improve availability and sidestep hefty upfront inventory costs. is a next-generation shopping platform that connects retailers with millions of shoppers in the most efficient ways possible. Jet’s platform is predicated on passing on savings to customers in a number of ways while still enabling seller profitability.

Jet is an exciting new demand generation channel. In order to scale on the channel, meet customer demand, fulfill your brand promise with efficient shipping, and connect best with Jet’s growing audience, you need:

CommerceHub provides robust integration between DemandStream, OrderStream and the Jet platform.

With DemandStream, your product catalog will list quickly and accurately on Jet. As you update your prices, inventory and assortment, your Jet listings will update automatically in near real-time.

Once the order is placed, CommerceHub OrderStream enables you to manage fulfillment with control giving you complete visibility from order creation to customer delivery including order status, alerts, compliance and more. Tell Us a Little About Yourself

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