jet, Officially Launches New E-commerce Model

Earlier this year CommerceHub announced a strategic partnership with Jet is poised to take on Amazon with a simple shopper value proposition – buy a $50 annual membership and get the lowest prices on over 10M items.

Coming out of several months of beta testing with 150,000 customers, today Jet rolled out nationally with a free three month trial. This should get even more shoppers checking out in the short run. new marketplace


How Commercehub Customers Can Benefit From’s New E-commerce Model

CommerceHub is thrilled to announce that DemandStream, our enterprise cross channel demand solution, is fully integrated with To this end, we have been working closely with a notable online brand who now has their full product assortment on and available for purchase.

With Jet taking off, CommerceHub merchants will have access to millions of shoppers looking to save 10-20% on individual items. Jet connects retailers and brands to consumers in the most efficient ways possible. Jet does not profit from individual transactions, and instead charges a modest membership fee which will be key to their success as their marketplace scales. The growth of is predicated on passing savings on to customers through several options while still enabling seller profitability.

So, why are we so excited about DemandStream integration with Jet? More sales and more customers for our merchants. Check out our conversation with Marc Lore at IRCE to hear more about why Jet is such an exciting opportunity for brands and retailers.

CommerceHub sellers can drive demand for products on this new and exciting marketplace, encourage basket-building and acquire new customers for remarketing. Additionally, through the Order Management capability of DemandStream, sellers can efficiently manage orders and fulfill at a competitive rate and speed.

Using DemandStream, your product catalog will list quickly and accurately on Jet – both on desktop and mobile. As your prices, inventory and assortment change, your Jet listings will update automatically in near real-time.

It is important to know that features both a search-based and product discovery model, making product listing quality tantamount to success. Marketplace web and app screenshot

At the core of DemandStream is a centralized product catalog and the ability to transform and augment product data using built-in tools and content rules to quickly and easily optimize your product listings. With support for custom integration and automatic attribution mapping, you can get your product catalog up and ready for sale quickly on Jet. Automated error identification helps you seamlessly resolve errors to ensure the full expanse of your product catalog is always visible on Jet.

With product and pricing data flowing through DemandStream, items sold on will be able to take advantage of location based pricing to ensure that sellers maximize profit for each item sold.


Additionally, Jet has rolled out a nifty price comparison tool that will make it easier for shoppers to find and have confidence in the lowest price being offered by Jet.

Jet price check tool

As a retailer or brand selling on Jet, you will be able to create rules for distance, returns and basket building to maximize gross margin on each product.


Once the order is placed through, DemandStream enables a seamless flow of order information including order date, acknowledgment of a received order, when an order was fulfilled, or if there were any order adjustments.

Plus our Performance Management team can help your optimize your campaigns on to drive maximum sales growth. As your campaigns get up and running, within DemandStream you can track and measure the success of your sales programs including net sales generated, return on ad spend, gross profit, cost per order, conversion rate to order and more. offers brand and retailers a unique opportunity to expand their online retail business. To learn more about Jet and the DemandStream solution, contact CommerceHub  here or email us at