Introducing Our Google Shopping Campaign Builder: “Structure Assist”

With the transition to Google Shopping Campaigns, enterprise retailers now have the opportunity to structure top-down campaigns, reflecting hierarchies in their product catalogs. In other words, better express product catalogs to pursue retail goals. This was, and is, great news.


The drawback is the tediousness and time-intensiveness of creating a thorough campaign structure that addresses every facet of a large product catalog. The CommerceHub team experienced this, along with our enterprise retail clients, as we transitioned large accounts from the old Google PLA format to Google Shopping Campaigns earlier this year. Creating big, nuanced campaigns remains a huge time commitment for retailers looking to express new lines of products or rapidly scale their Google Shopping business.


CommerceHub has pioneered a one-of-a-kind solution for rapidly and effectively cranking out Google Shopping Campaigns and fully expressing large product catalogs. CommcerceHub’s Structure Assist tool offers a powerful and logical wizard for creating new campaigns in bulk, with every layer of your product catalog at your fingertips. After specifying your budget, country and campaign priority, the tool guides you through creating campaigns and adding granularity with ad groups and product groups, using feed attributes to create a logical hierarchy that fits your program goals.



And the tool isn’t only about convenience and speed. Structure Assist also delivers quality and uniformity to your campaign structuring. Manually creating many campaigns in AdWords is dangerous, both because of the tedium (and, hence, potential for human error), and also because default settings in AdWords can quickly get you in hot water. Structure Assist automatically applies all necessary exclusions, ensuring that you don’t have a product start unintentionally serving from an “everything else” group.

So what does this mean for your Google Shopping business? It means you get hours back that you would have otherwise spent manually building out campaign after campaign in AdWords. It also means you have a simple, intuitive, visual tool for structuring your Google Shopping Campaigns, which will lend clarity of purpose and keep you from creating duplicate or erroneous campaigns.


Let’s consider some hypothetical numbers to drive the point home. Let’s say you plan on creating a campaign for each of 14 new brands in your catalog, an ad group for each of the 11 primary nodes of your product categories, and product groups for each distinct product category in your catalog. This amounts to 14 campaigns, 106 ad groups, and over 1,000 individual product groups. Based on the experiences of our Performance Marketing team, manual setup of a campaign of that size in AdWords can take up to an hour. So, factoring in initial planning, the project of creating these 14 campaigns can take a diligent, expert AdWords user up to two full days. TWO DAYS! With Mercent’s Structure Assist tool, this entire process can be completed in under a half hour. A series of simple steps generates every product group in every ad group for every campaign that you need, in accordance with your marketing strategy.


Think of what you can do with those two days, now that you are free to not manually build out many large Google Shopping Campaigns?

For CommcerceHub’s dedicated Performance team, the tool means we will be able to manage accounts that much more efficiently, and gain valuable time to grow accounts through creative testing and refined bid strategy.

Creating enough Google Shopping Campaigns to fully express your product catalog is crucial to strategy, and to achieving your marketing goals. Fortunately, it no longer has to be a massive time commitment.