Implementing AdWords Scripts for E-commerce Accounts: An Introduction

Whether you’re a veteran AdWords campaign manager or you just started advertising with Google, utilizing AdWords scripts is a great way to improve your account optimizations and reporting. That being said, you don’t necessarily ever need to learn or implement AdWords scripts. However, there are a number of complex functions and bulk change operations that you can implement using scripts but would simply not be practical to implement manually. This post highlights a few scripts that should help guide anyone who’s interested in gaining a knowledge of AdWords scripting.

AdWords Script #1: The Account Summary Report Script

The Account Summary Report Script is a script provided by Google that includes very clear step-by-step instructions on how to set up your initial script. In less than 10 minutes, you can have your report set up to pull daily metric updates from your account.

What we like most about this script is how easy it is to adjust the metrics it reports. It almost feels as though this was done on purpose as the default report will only pull in the most basic of metrics and does not even include conversions.

After some analysis of how the script pulls the existing metrics, it’s not difficult to include just about any other metric you’d like to add to the report. Another great aspect of the script is that it does not make any changes to your AdWords campaigns.

This makes it the perfect script for learning, as you can edit the code without having to worry about messing something up.

Adjusting this script by changing metrics and applying campaign exclusions is a great way to quickly dive in and get familiar with AdWords scripting.


AdWords Script #2: The 24-Hour Bidding Schedule Script

This next script is slightly more advanced as it will actually implement changes to campaigns in your AdWords account.

Have you ever worked on a campaign that had significant fluctuations in performance throughout the day? If so, then you’re probably familiar with the limitations and complications of adjusting bids too frequently.

This 24-hour bidding script provides an alternative solution to making frequent bid changes through third-party bid management tools as well as the AdWords interface. The script will allow you to set hourly bid modifiers to be applied to the campaigns you specify. Once you’ve scheduled the script to run hourly, it will process the bid modifier adjustments based on the time of day and the corresponding bid modifier you’ve set for that hour.

It’s a best practice to perform in-depth tests any time you’re working with a script that will actually make changes to your account. We would highly recommend testing with a lower priority campaign before expanding to your entire account. By testing on a small group of campaigns, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a script and ensure that nothing breaks or causes problems in your campaigns.


AdWords Script #3: The Bid-by-Weather Script

The last script we’ll be reviewing is slightly more complicated. The bid-by-weather script will take data, such as weather reports, from outside the AdWords interface and incorporate it into bidding adjustments that will be applied to your account.

This script is a great demonstration of just how powerful AdWords scripting can be and the complex problems it can solve. While you may not be advertising products or services that are heavily impacted by daily weather changes, a case can usually be made for raising or lowering bids during significant weather changes.

Even if you do not plan to incorporate weather changes into your bidding strategy, learning how this script works will enable you to modify it and develop a script that can incorporate other external data that you do want to incorporate into your bidding practices. For instance, if you are advertising in-person training courses and a specific location is fully booked, you can use a script to interpret that data and drop bids accordingly as classes become fully booked.


Staying Updated with AdWords Scripts

Staying up-to-date on the latest AdWords script changes is definitely a best practice. Following the Google Developers Twitter account and subscribing to the Google Ads Developer Blog are great ways to stay informed. A useful script for tracking keyword quality scores over time was affected earlier this year by an update that the AdWords developers released. An update like this was likely the source of significant confusion one morning when the script provided NULL values without any changes to the script being made!

Expanding your AdWords expertise by learning how to implement scripted processes can be both a fun and challenging task. It’s always great to improve reporting processes and provide comprehensive insights on account performances. At the same time, it can be difficult to implement a script that works properly and runs as intended the first time you run it. If you decide to take on the challenge of AdWords scripting, please remember to have patience, dedicate time and energy towards troubleshooting as needed and, most of all, keep calm and script on.

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