Houzz Showing Promise for Home & Garden Retailers

Social discovery is redefining how we think about ecommerce. Led by Pinterest, social forums are emerging and growing as hotbeds of shopping intent and vehicles for driving in-market consumers to online storefronts. These are places where modern shoppers discover lifestyles they wish to adopt, and can be effectively engaged by savvy brands.

Houzz is an exciting opportunity for retailers in the Home & Garden space to engage with social-minded shoppers, drive traffic, and acquire new online customers. What’s more, Houzz’s unique focus on the Home & Garden vertical makes for a high-intent, committed, and relatively affluent audience. The site has been developed shrewdly from day one, with building a vibrant community emphasized over monetization. This has helped Houzz grow to over 25 million unique visitors per month

houzz%20dataMercent’s participating Home & Garden retailers have been seeing remarkable success on the channel thus far. Quarterly revenues on the channel have grown over 400% versus Q4 2012, when the group of Mercent clients on Houzz grew to an acceptable sample size. The upward trend in revenue reflects seasonal spikes of Home & Garden retail: larger revenue volumes in late spring, as well as Q4.

The channel has been efficient as well, routinely sporting ROAS figures better than 10:1.


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