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Google Shopping Testing “Great Price” on PLAs

In the continuing hunt to find in-the-wild Google Shopping PLA tests, CommerceHub has found another one, this time with a “Great Price” designation in light grey text under the retailer’s name.

'Great price' label on google shopping PLA

‘Great price’ label on google shopping PLA

This one was discovered in the early hours of the day, around 1am PST by Account Director, Summer Jubelirer. Similar to an my earlier CommerceHub find in May, with a “Value Alert” designation, it appears to be another one of Google’s efforts to run experiments on pricing layouts and features to aid shoppers in finding the best deals:

'Value alert' label on Google Shopping PLAs

‘Value alert’ label on Google Shopping PLAs

Another recent discovery just last week, found a “price is 11% lower than average online prices” and “19% off average” for two separate retailers, which displayed when the ad was hovered over, bringing the documented count to a total of four different price and value layout experiments in just the last 3 months, two of which displayed as a part of the PLA ad unit and two of which appeared when the ad was interacted with.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these types of experiments in Google Shopping as we look towards the Q4 holiday season.