Amazon Prime Day Impact

Gear Up for the Amazon Prime Day Impact Report 2016

The second edition of Amazon’s new mid-year shopping holiday – Amazon Prime Day – is just around the corner. July 12th, to be precise. Amazon has been ‘priming’ sellers for months, collecting great deals and offers to wow shoppers on the big day. Shoppers are all geared up for another shopping bonanza that tops what they saw last year.

CommerceHub is closely watching the numbers this Prime Day and will release a custom report tracking this year’s sale event. Christened the “Amazon Prime Day Impact Report 2016″, this report will provide an overview of results for this year’s Prime Day event occurring July 12.

Read here about our report methodology to calculate Same Store Sales.

What Happened on Prime Day 2015

The very first Prime Day last year presented some interesting results that surprised most industry-watchers.

On Prime Day 2015, CommerceHub sellers saw a 142% jump in year-over-year (YOY) sales.

Amazon Prime Day Impact Report

Sales: Amazon vs. Google Shopping, Prime Day 2015

Interestingly, we also saw a smaller but still impactful sales increase of 22.1% on Google Shopping on Prime Day last year.

The hype about unbeatable deals on Prime Day seemed to have impacted shoppers to the point where e-commerce sales increased on non-Amazon channels as well. On July 14, 2015 (the day before Prime Day), Amazon and Google Shopping both saw negative YOY percentage declines in sales –a likely result of shoppers postponing their purchases for a day, in anticipation of deep discounts on Prime Day. In spite of some intraweek shift in the timing of purchases, Amazon’s overall sales increased 23.9% for week of Prime Day.

Further, the sharp spike in shopper traffic that Amazon received on Prime Day 2015 contributed to a substantial increase of 20.1% or $6.50 YOY in Average Order Value (AOV).

Amazon Prime Day Impact

AOV: Amazon vs. Google Shopping, Prime Day 2015

As other marketplaces and retailers followed Amazon’s lead, offering deals and discounts to keep pace with Prime Day deals, marketplaces like eBay and NewEgg saw their AOV climb above average YOY on Prime Day 2015.

Amazon Prime Day Impact

Amazon vs. Other Marketplaces, Prime Day 2015


Tactics that Worked on Prime Day 2015

Originally planned as a promotion for Amazon’s Prime service and sellers offering Prime-eligible products, Prime Day was a win-win for sellers across the board.

A large specialty retailer client of CommerceHub set up unique promotions and discounts of up to 30-40% off across their catalog on Prime Day 2015. While some of these discounted listings were not included in Amazon’s featured Lightning Deals, the seller enjoyed a 286% increase in sales YoY and a 218% increase in day-over-day (DOD) sales.

Not only were CommerceHub sellers able to substantially increase net sales, Prime Day was also a huge opportunity to drive new customer acquisition. On average, CommerceHub sellers were able to generate a 181% YoY increase in the number of new customers purchasing their products on Amazon during Prime Day.

All in all, Prime Day 2015 was a great success; and we expect Amazon to gain even more traction this year, with more than 100,000 deals being offered to Prime members worldwide on July 12.


What to Expect in the Amazon Prime Day Impact Report 2016?

As we monitor the results from Amazon Prime Day 2016, we will be looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How did Prime Day perform in 2016 compared to 2015?
  • Did Prime Day drive incremental sales increases, or just shift sales from before or after Prime Day?
  • How does Prime Day compare to other key holiday sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  • How does the timing of this year’s Prime Day impact results (this year Prime Day is closer to the 4th of July)?
  • On Prime Day, how did Amazon perform vs. other key channels like Google Shopping?
  • What were the most impactful tactics employed by CommerceHub sellers during Prime Day?


In advance of this new mid-year shopping holiday, make sure to leverage these tips and tricks maximize sales and grow your customer base