Finding Paid Search Marketing Zen in 2016

What if I told you that 16 steps can take you closer to PPC Zen in 2016?

There are a number of things that are evolving in the world of paid search marketing. Some have risen to dominance in the last couple of years e.g. product ads, while others have repositioned themselves to retain their importance, like display ads. PPC conversations over the last decade were certain to be dominated by Google. That’s definitely not the case any more. We now have new challengers like Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, Bing’s Product Ads, even shopping ads on YouTube to take a retailer’s marketing mix to the next level.

Remarketing and Mobile are snapping on the heels of Text Ads for paid search marketing dominance

Research does confirm what we all know – text ads continue to be the mainstay of PPC marketers. However,  brand new channels like remarketing and mobile are fast giving plain-Jane text ads a run for their money as we can see from the figure above. Paid search marketing in 2016 promises to be an exciting blend of the old, the new and completely new ways of looking at them all.

In this SlideShare, our Director of Paid Search Marketing, Elizabeth Marsten will shed light on how retailers, brands, sellers of any kind really; can leverage the powers of instant gratification that PPC promises in the year ahead.

Got questions about how these changes will impact your paid search program? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!