Your Essential Checklist for Amazon Prime Day 2017

Prime Day, Amazon’s summer shopping event, is back for its third year. On Monday, July 10, Amazon will offer deals for thirty hours on hundreds of thousands of products on its sites around the world. Plus, leading up to the big day, from July 5 through July 9, Amazon will hold nearly a week of daily-themed deals.

“Summer’s Black Friday” is a great opportunity for sellers to drive sales and attract new customers in the midst of some serious consumer excitement. To help you succeed, we’ve prepared this checklist for you.


Enable Prime offers. Make your top selling products Prime eligible.


On top of great deals, Prime customers expect free and fast shipping. Be the rule, not the exception.


Enable as many qualified Lightning Deals as possible. With new deals appearing every 5 minutes, Amazon heavily promotes these traffic-driving, engaging promotions.


  1. Update your Sponsored Products campaigns. Amazon’s recommendation is to double your bids and budgets for the Prime Day period (including any timeframe where the ‘halo effect’ of increased traffic exists). No increased budget for ASP campaigns during Prime week? There are still cost-effective strategies you can employ. Your CommerceHub account manager can help you optimize your campaign strategy in line with your budget.

TIP: Electronics, Wireless, Personal Health and Beauty are ultra-competitive product categories in Sponsored Products. Expect to employ higher budgets and bids during Prime week to retain your competitive position.

  1. Update Search Terms. Add relevant search terms to ensure your products are easily discovered when customers search by keywords.


Update your repricing rules and frequency to be more aggressive to increase BuyBox percentage. Offer sale prices via the feed. We recommend offering a minimum of 20% – 40% discount to increase conversion.


Make sure the products you promote are the ones you have in stock. This is especially critical for FBA items.


Make sure your categorizations are up to date. Resolve any Amazon listing errors to maximize your full catalog potential.


Consumers are looking for that one item that never seems to go on sale. Amazon rewards sellers who reward their consumers with great deals on sought-after products.


Hold campaigns on your own channels to drive to your Prime Day deals, but also to…


From Walmart to eBay to NewEgg and more, marketplaces have seen their sales volume climb YOY on Prime Day. The halo effect touches every selling channel, so make sure your strategy thinks holistically. This is the time to extend your strategy to all major marketplaces.

Need some one-on-one assistance with your Amazon campaign? Contact CommerceHub’s Performance Marketing team today to make the most out of Prime Day.


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