CommerceHub Connect FAQs

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Getting Started

Is there a cost to participate in the CommerceHub Connect Program?

No. CommerceHub Connect is a free program designed to help suppliers on the
CommerceHub network grow by introducing them to top retailers in need of their
products (SKUs). Participation in this program does require that you submit your company’s product catalog.

Is this program available to all retailers on the CommerceHub network?

Yes. Suppliers have the opportunity to be connected to all retailers across
our network. If you meet the retailer's requirements, you will be notified by
email to see if you are interested in connecting with them.

We already have a CommerceHub integration, do we still need to load our catalog?

Yes. The CommerceHub Connect program only requires basic details about your
company and products to connect to retailers. Since we have upgraded our
capabilities to capture and process your catalog information with the Product
Catalog channel in ProductStream, in order to ensure your information is
accurate, we need you to load your current catalog into the new platform.
Completing the Product Catalog provides us with the information we need about
your products to help us determine if you are a match for a retailer and
ultimately helps to accelerate selling with the retailer.

Can we set up a call to discuss?

Due to the large volume of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to set up
individual calls with suppliers at this time. However, we will continue to
update these FAQsand develop supporting information and resources. If you have
a question not addressed here, please submit it in the form to the right.
We’ll update the FAQs with the answer and notify you when the update is made
or respond directly to your inquiry.

Is this program for Marketplaces?

No. This program is to connect retailers to drop ship from suppliers on the
CommerceHub network. If you would like to sell direct-to-consumer via the
leading marketplaces, please contact sales.

How do I get access?

Your OrderStream company administrator will receive an invitation to the
program. If you would like to get access, and are not an OrderStream
administrator, please contact your admin to request access.

How do I invite a team member to help complete the information for the

If you are not the correct contact to provide this information for your
company, you can let us know by submitting the form here.

Can we participate if we are not currently on CommerceHub’s

The program is only available to active suppliers on the CommerceHub network. We will be expanding the program in the future to suppliers who are not currently active on our network. More information will be available soon.

Your Company Profile Data

How will my profile data be used?

Retailers set up merchandising campaigns to identify new suppliers to partner
with through CommerceHub Connect. We use the data to understand your business
capabilities to help us determine if your business is a match for the
retailer’s expansion efforts.

Why are you asking for this information?

The company profile includes typical criteria that our buyer contacts inquire
about when evaluating new supplier opportunities, so we’ve aggregated them
into a single place for you to provide and keep up to date as your business

What if my information changes or I make a mistake?

You can go back to your profile or product catalog to update information at
any time.

Loading your catalog into CommerceHub ProductStream

How will my catalog be used?

Retailers set up merchandising campaigns to identify new suppliers to partner
with through CommerceHub Connect. We use the data to categorize your products
at a sub-category level to help us determine if your products are a match for
the retailer’s assortment expansion efforts.

Will my specific product catalog information be shared?

For introductions to be made, only the number counts of products by
sub-category and brand will be shared with retailers that you have authorized
and approved. Retailers will not be given access to your catalog data in
ProductStream. Before sharing any information with a retailer, we will notify
you and request permission to share the provided information if you’re
identified as a potential match with the retailer. Each time you are selected
as a match, you will have the option to choose whether or not you’d like to be
introduced to the retailer as well as share your company information with
them. Your information will not be shared or made publicly available.

Why do you require my product information?

Retailers are searching for specific categories and brands. By submitting a
product file with the basic information requested, our systems are able to
match your products to our standard categories and indicate how many products
are available in each category. This helps both you and the retailer. It
provides them with a high-level overview of how your company’s products would
fit into their assortment strategy without time-consuming exchanges. No
information will be shared without your permission and if permission is
granted, only a roll up number of categories and brands will be shared with
the approved retailer.

Where can I find the Product Catalog >Product Data template?

Sign in to your ProductStream account and look for the Product Catalog channel
and click Add Products. On the Add/Update tab click Get Template and open the
zip file. Download the file titled: "Product Catalog Product Data

Is there an easy way to export an existing ProductStream catalog and upload
to the Connect Beta Catalog?

ProductStream offers the ability to export your catalog from a given retail
channel. Use the Bulk Actions > Export feature in ProductStream to export your
products and reuse that data in the new Product Data template where attributes

What information is required in the Product Catalog Data Template?

The Product Catalog Data Template has a very basic set of requirements

  • Vendor SKU
  • Title
  • Long Description
  • UPC (must be populated, but can be NA if no UPCs are available)
  • Manufacturer Model Number
  • Brand (if products are unbranded, use your company name)
  • Category Level 1
  • MSRP (optional)
  • Main Image (optional)

Where can I find more information about how to use ProductStream or
the Product Catalog channel?

To get additional information about the Product Catalog channel in your
ProductStream account or how to upload products into ProductStream, sign in to
your ProductStream account, click on the Product Catalog channel, locate and
click on the help menu icon, click on View Supplier Guide.

Do I need to provide costs or inventory levels?

No. We only need the information requested in the Product Catalog Data
Template to determine how many products you have in each category.

Can I just use my own Product Template?

No. We only need the information requested in the Product Catalog Data
Template to determine how many products you have in each category.

Do we need to upload our entire catalog?

No. We require you use the Product Catalog Data Template available via the
Product Catalog channel. This universal template ensures our system can
process and transform the data you provide.

Pro Tip: Refresh your product catalog offering each quarter to ensure
we have the latest view of your assortment offering, including any new
products/brands you are offering, and remove any discontinued offerings.

Will the products I load or update in the Product Catalog channel be visible
to the other retailer channels I’m connected to?

No. The products you load and update in the Product Catalog channel in
ProductStream will not be visible to any retailers you currently have an
established relationship with.

I’m an existing ProductStream user. Why do I see a new Product Catalog
Channel in my ProductStream account?

The Product Catalog Channel is being added to all existing ProductStream user
accounts in support of the CommerceHub Connect program.

Working with retailers on CommerceHub

What is the return policy(ies) for working with each retailer?

Return policies vary by retailer and we do not currently have access to this
information to provide to you. If you and the retailer are a match, you can
request information regarding the retailer’s return policy from the retailer’s
buyer/merchant assigned to your account.

We are currently working directly with the retailer; can we connect through

Please reach out to your buyer/merchant at the retailer and request that they
approve your transition to CommerceHub. If the retailer approves the request,
they will need to submit a request to CommerceHub to connect to you. The
retailer may or may not approve your request and we are unable to impact or
influence their decision.

How can I get more info on the policies (i.e., returns, shipping,
chargebacks, etc.) of the retailers on your network?

If you match a retailer’s campaign requirements, you will be introduced to the
retailer’s assigned buyer/merchant. At that time, you will be able to inquire
about their policies.

Our company is currently using OrderStream, can we use the same integration
if we are already connected to CommerceHub?

You can use the same integration method, but it will be a new integration.
Each retailer has their own unique integration requirements that need to be
tested and implemented separately. However, the information you submit and
receive may vary depending on each retailer’s requirements.

How do we get orders? (Is it through CommerceHub?)

CommerceHub Connect only facilitates introductions between retailers and
suppliers. If you do decide to move forward with a drop-ship connection to a
matched retailer, the retailer will open an onboarding request with
CommerceHub to set up inventory and order processing through OrderStream.

Next steps after completing the
supplier profile

When will I be contacted?

CommerceHub will notify you via email if you meet the qualifications of
retailers that we have partnered with to add more drop-ship suppliers to their
network. We will retain your information indefinitely and it is processed each
time we begin a new campaign with a retailer. Please note: If you have not yet
been matched to a retailer’s campaign, you will not receive an email with

What if my information changes or I make a mistake?

You can go back to your profile or product catalog to update information at
any time.

Is there anything else we need to do after loading our product

No. There is nothing else you need to do. CommerceHub will use your company
and product information to facilitate connections within our retailer network.
We will inform you by email if your company matches the requirements of a
retailer’s campaign. If you need to make changes to your catalog, you can
return to the Product Catalog Channel and update your information, which will
be updated and saved in our system.

What is the next step in the process?

We will notify you via email if you match a retailer’s requirements. We are
constantly engaging the retailers on our network to aid them in expanding
their assortments. Our goal is to keep this process as simple as possible for
you. We will reach out to you as soon as we identify a match for you and a
retailer. If both you and the retailer express interest, you will be
introduced by email to the assigned buyer/merchant from the retailer to begin
the retailer’s onboarding process.

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