Bing Shopping Campaigns Give this Specialty Retailer More Reasons to Party

When you’ve been in business for over half a century, you have probably seen all the ups and downs the markets can throw at you. Our longtime client Century Novelty has a few stories up its sleeves that can teach young startups a thing or two about how it’s done.

Who’s Afraid of Bold Moves?

A company that began life as a supplier to traveling carnivals, Century Novelty has managed to buck the fate of family-owned businesses that disintegrate after the first generation. Kyle Madigan, the third generation owner and President of the company has kept the retailer growing from strength to strength by adapting quickly to changing market dynamics and being open to innovative ideas.

An interesting move was to bet on Bing Ads in a world where Google remains the undisputed king of search marketing.

The data is out there. In November 2015, ComScore attributed 64.8% of the US search engine market to Google, placing Bing a distant second with a 32.1% share. Going by those numbers, one would expect website traffic and conversions to be determined largely by Google, whether organically or through paid search efforts.

However, reality lies hidden somewhere in-between. Bing Ads offers drastically lower competition for paid search marketers, offering comparably higher visibility at far lower outlays. The cost per click (CPC) on Bing Ads is on average 42% lower than on Google AdWords, making it the choice of smart marketers who care to dig deeper than the surface.

CommerceHub’s Experience with Bing Shopping Campaigns

At CommerceHub, we believe in delivering the best bang for their buck to every client. Our performance marketing team combs through reams of data specific to individual client campaigns to single out that elusive, optimum channel mix instead of going with the wisdom of the herds.

“We’ve seen some very good returns from Bing Ads in terms of volumes, conversion rates and cost per acquisition (CPA)” affirms Elizabeth Marsten, our Director of Paid Search Marketing.

Watch Elizabeth discuss search marketing and Bing Ads in more detail as she rides around Seattle on the Bing Bus:

The Century Novelty Story: Eye-popping Growth with Bing Shopping Campaigns

For all the reasons we discussed above, our team felt that passing over Bing Ads was not an option for Century Novelty. From text ads to product listing ads, the Century Novelty program on Bing Ads runs the entire gamut of PPC search marketing.

In August 2015, we began transitioning Century Novelty’s product ad campaigns on Bing to the newly launched Bing Shopping Campaigns. The timing couldn’t have been better. During the first two months of Q4 [October and November 2015], Century Novelty’s campaign performance was dramatically transformed. Here are some highlights of the switch to Bing Shopping Campaigns:

  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased 18%
  • Cost Per Order decreased 18%
  • ROAS grew 20%
  • Revenue increased 1237%

To make sure that the data was not skewed due to the switchover from one platform to the other, we looked at numbers from the same period in 2014. Even from a year on year perspective, Bing Shopping showed remarkable results. Comparing Q3 2014 data with that from 2015, we found that Century’s revenues from Bing Ads increased 177%, while order volume increased 248%.

“The extent of growth on Bing, year over year, has been downright incredible and outstanding, and we especially like the growth experience with the newer Bing Shopping Campaigns” adds Madigan.

Read more about how Century Novelty achieved PPC efficiencies with Bing Shopping Campaigns here.

A Partnership that has Stood the Test of Time

One of the things that has marked CommerceHub’s relationship with Century Novelty is our mutual commitment to never rest on our past wins and keep aiming higher with each passing year. As Kyle Madigan puts it, “They have great people over at CommerceHub that genuinely care about your success. They also excel at identifying new opportunities — and getting you into them as early as possible.”

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