Just in: Amazon rolls out “Interesting Finds” – a new Pinterest-style wish list feature

High key closeup of a blank notebook on a laptop.WISHLIST writing

On the morning of July 6, Amazon quietly rolled out a new combination of a Wish List, Pinterest competitor, and added real estate for Sponsored Products.  The new curated section called “Interesting Finds” allows Amazon to step into fresh territory previously dominated by social shopping platforms like Polyvore, Pinterest and Canopy.

The layout is complete with separate sections geared to Men and Women, a heart-shaped “favorite” option which allows for personalization, and the ability to rethink wish lists for Amazon.  At the moment, the majority of products appear to be in the Apparel categories, but we anticipate this rolling out across additional categories shortly.

Additionally, Interesting Finds offers Brand and theme specific ad pages, where similar products are grouped together, much like Pinterest’s Pinboard.

While clearly a fresh take on the classic Amazon wish list, the layout also allows for a quick click through to the Product detail page, allowing for immediate or delayed purchases of inspiring items.

By clicking on the link that says “See Buying Details”, the user is taken to the product detail page, which allows for conversion.

A discreet message at the upper right corner of the page shows that these products are placed in this section via Amazon’s existing Sponsored Products program.

Will Amazon Interesting Finds Change Buying Behavior on the Marketplace?

Perhaps.  Customers who are looking for an Amazon Browse experience similar to Pinterest, may enjoy being able to store ideas for inspiring buys that maybe are out of their immediate price range or need to purchase.  Additionally, other customers may treat this as a new way to set up wish lists or discover products in which they are interested.

We’re already seeing a difference in personalization based on user logins. Amazon shows an additional “Fun” section for logged in Amazon users presumably based on their past browsing / buying history.

What Does Interesting Finds Mean for Existing Amazon Sellers?

While many Amazon shoppers have noticed the added placement of Sponsored Products at the top and side of search results, or below the Buy Box or fold of a Product Detail page, the introduction of a separate, paid products section which allows a more interactive customer experience is a good thing.  As Prime Day approaches and additional opportunities to engage customers with product advertisements, now is the time to consider adding a Sponsored Products campaign as an added tactic for your Amazon marketplace strategy.