About CommerceHub

For more than 16 years, CommerceHub has been providing cloud-based technologies and services that enable retailers to radically expand their product offering without inventory risk. CommerceHub makes it possible to achieve 100% compliant integration to any product source, and provides all of the tools necessary to ensure total control over fulfillment, as if the goods were actually owned and shipped by the retailer.

Providing an unparalleled platform and scalability, CommerceHub in 2013 processed over 44 million orders for the top online retailers in the US and Canada, enabling them to achieve more than $7 Billion in retail sales through drop-ship fulfillment. These expanded assortment orders were successfully processed and fulfilled directly to consumers by more than 7,500 integrated suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and 3rd party sellers.

Founded in 1997 by Frank Poore and Richard Jones, CommerceHub today is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Ventures (Nasdaq:LVNTA) and is headquartered in the heart of New York’s Tech Valley.

Selected Clients